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Find out what our customers most often ask with our general questions, dog-specific questions and grooming faqs.

General FAQ's

Any dog weighing 1 - 10KG

Yes, all groomers are certified dog groomers.

I offer dog grooming for small dogs only. Please explore our services page but overall we can tailor our service to your exact dog's needs.

Yes, we offer a variety of discounts for our ongoing loyal customers. Please see our website to view an overview of our loyalty program or call us for more information.

General Dog-Specific FAQ's

Most likely, he’s attempting to express his anal glands. It’s time to see your groomer or your veterinarian and have the waste fluid squeezed out. This could also be the manifestation of worms and should be checked by your veterinarian.

Anal glands are sacks located just below a dog’s tail that collect fluid from the animal’s body. Historically, the excretion of bulky faeces pressed against the anal sack during defecation resulted in a natural squeezing out of the waste liquid during elimination. However, with more complete absorption of modern pet foods and correspondingly smaller stools, the anal sack is often not pressed during bowel movements and so periodically needs assistance from humans to “express” or squeeze the over-full sack to remove this fluid. This is an especially putrid liquid, so we recommend leaving this task to the groomer, or in severe cases, to your veterinarian.

Dog Grooming FAQ’s

The first step is to brush the dog's coat to get rid of any knots or tangles. We then use a dog clipper to trim the dog's fur. Finally, we bathe the dog and dry them off.

It depends on the breed of your dog, its lifestyle, and on how you want them to look and smell. While it’s true that a clean animal is a healthier one, excessive bathing can dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils. Short-coated dogs with no skin conditions can go six to eight weeks between baths unless they have gotten into something dirty or smelly. Longer-coated dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks to ensure their hair doesn’t get matted and isn’t harbouring insects or hiding skin conditions. Of course, certain dogs should be groomed more often than others to maintain their appearance.

Overall, we recommend that you consult with a professional dog groomer (Call Gill today to discuss this) to get an idea of how often your dog should be groomed.

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